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Creativity while staying on-task.....

"My husband and I sought out Restore Decor LLC when we made the decision to finish our attic. We had somewhat of an idea of what we wanted to do with the space, but we were at a loss at where to start. Mary Ann was amazing and we loved working with her. She got the ball rolling immediately, I was actually surprised at how quickly things moved along. She was amazing at being the mediator between the contractor and us, as well as any other professional that worked on site. Anything we were not happy with was fixed right away, although there weren’t many things to be unhappy about. She is extremely professional and experienced. We always felt very well taken care of. I highly recommend her and we will be using her again in the future." 

-  Eleanor Dickerson, Attic Space Project

Patience and expert service......

"Since this was our first kitchen remodel, Mary Ann was patient with explaining the process and answering our questions. She was attentive to our needs and offered great advice and design ideas from start to finish. We are very pleased with our new kitchen!" 

- Ginny, Lam Kitchen Remodel Project 


Expertise that matters....

"Our house was built in 1986 and we were ready for a master bath remodel. Although we thought the bath was large when we purchased back then, compared to new homes today it is small. Mary Ann helped us design a bath that opened up all available space and assisted us in selecting cabinet, flooring and wall tiles that provided a bath that appeared much larger than we thought was possible. Michael was very professional and was attentive to every small detail of the project. 

We have been very pleased with the results." 

- Ron Spain, Spain Bathroom Remodel Project 

Caring for your budget....

"My husband and I were very pleased with the accurate and fair quote and ability to stay on budget. Mary Ann has a great eye for detail."  

 - Valerie


Attention to detail....

"Mary Ann was great to work with. She has a keen eye for detail and making sure everything coordinates together. She helped us with our kitchen and it transformed from mess to masterpiece!!! Her advice, guidance and suggestions were great and without her I couldn't have made the choices I did. We LOVE our new kitchen. Highly recommend Mary Ann and cant wait to get her back for bathrooms."  

- Gena Carter, Carter Kitchen Remodel Project

Professionalism and efficiency....

"When we found Restore Décor, we found a gem! Mary Ann led us through the remodeling process efficiently and quickly, helping us decide what to do when we had differences of opinion. She was professional and on top of things. We didn't have to do much at all! And once the remodeling began (new kitchen counters, microwave, dishwasher, sink; enlarging our small laundry room; and a complete makeover of our master bathroom), it was completed in 19 working days!! We couldn't be happier with Restore Décor!"

 - Barbara Stewart, Master Bath Remodel Project

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